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Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Sharing : What happened ?

Me, myself and I

It has been 2 weeks after joining the Mr Hong Kong contest.
I was out for training almost everyday

Especially out to China for Shooting with 15 Miss Hong Kong finalist. I can say that this is a very good networking and experience, 1) to know more about china, 2) to know more about entertainment field, and 3) to analyze more people around me and the personality.

A good chance to improve my personal skills especially those related to my training.

This is not just a contest but a place for me to gain back confident and self reflection. I always ask myself a question, "is this really what I want?" yes no maybe.

I got myself awake after watching the sunrise in Dan Ha mountain, one of the famous sunrise in China. I never feel so touch and fresh, this is the feeling that I always want to feel and slowly it makes me reflect myself.

Well, sometime I might give stupid answer on the stage but what's really matter is that you are still you and you will change depends on the situation.

This contest give me a good turning point to do the best reflection. With the helps from 10 brothers, I slowly get into the mood of competition and I sense the challenge. I love challenges, so lets have the most enjoyable journey ahead, bros.

When time passed by, I realize I have grow up and growth bulkier.

Nicholas Ooi (黃田麒)

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