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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am glad ~ !

Hey people,

I want to tell you how glad I am this few weeks.

After joining Mr Hong Kong contest, I have handled more things than i usually do. Some of the tasks are unusual, for instance, waking up 5am in the morning and meet up at TVB at 8am for shooting.

I know it is tired and I do feel exhausted. Luckily, I have all your support, especially friends who always be around me and talk to me all the time. You guys make me think, make me reflect and make me smile when I forget what smile is like.

Well, I like to go back to the office for at least 15minutes to meet up with my colleagues and have a short chit chat. I feel fresh and awake after chatting with you guys, you guys gave me a lot of advice and support.

Also friends from oversea, Malaysia, Paris, Singapore, brothers, sister, parents..... I love you guys.

Thanks again and well do support me further because I cant cross this alone and what I really need is people around me trusted me.

Cheers with love,
Nicholas Ooi

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